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Instagram has greatly evolved in providing marketing opportunities to budding businesses and entrepreneurs, enabling them to expand their audience reach. Currently, Instagram has created a marketplace for entrepreneurs and curated profiles tailored for them. If you’re intrigued about how to generate income from your Instagram account, here are some methods you can consider.

Instagram Shopping Posts
After setting up Instagram Shopping, you can begin including Shopping Tags in your Instagram posts to feature products (applicable to photos, videos, and carousel posts). This allows you to showcase up to five products, or up to 20 products on multi-image (carousel) posts. If a user clicks on a Shopping Tag in your post, they are directed to a product information page displaying a product image, description, price, and a link leading directly to your website for purchase. Instagram also plans on launching an interactive AR feature allowing users to virtually test products before buying.

Shopping Stories | Shoppable Instagram Stickers
Once Instagram Shopping is set up, you can add Shopping Tags to highlight items in your posts (including photo, video, and carousel posts). This allows up to five products to be featured, or up to 20 on multi-image (carousel) posts. When a user clicks on a Shopping Tag, they are taken to a product page featuring an image of the item, a description, its price, and a direct link to your website for purchase. Instagram also anticipates the introduction of an interactive AR feature that will help users make purchasing decisions.

Instagram Shop
In response to the Covid-19 situation, Instagram Shop was launched by Mark Zuckerberg to assist entrepreneurs and businesses seeking to establish an online presence. This feature allows you to browse your favorite brands and filter by categories like home, beauty, and others.

Instagram Checkout
This feature enables users to complete a purchase without exiting the Instagram app. From a shopping post, clients can view a product and proceed with the payment process, all within Instagram. However, Instagram’s transaction fees could be a concern. According to their Business Support Center, the fee is 5% per order or a flat fee of $0.40 for orders $8.00 or less. Brands might also lose vital consumer data (such as emails) due to Instagram handling all interactions instead of the company directly.

Integration with Facebook Shops
Facebook recently made a significant move into e-commerce with the launch of Facebook Shops. Businesses can create a dedicated “shop” section and build a catalog of products and services that visitors can browse, save, share, and even purchase. This is particularly useful for startups or small businesses. Once your store is set up, it will be available on your Facebook page and your Instagram profile. Facebook Shops are also highly customizable, allowing businesses to personalize the shop’s appearance to reflect their brand.

The introduction of video advertising is a significant development for the platform. Since IGTV’s launch in 2018, this is the first time creators will be able to directly generate revenue. The new monetization feature will be initially tested by well-known creators such as Avani Gregg and Salice Rose.

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Social media is a potent tool for businesses aiming to enhance their marketing campaigns. However, mere presence isn’t sufficient. For success, you must understand your audience, select the right platforms, create engaging content, interact with your followers, employ paid advertising, and consistently evaluate and modify your strategy. By adhering to these best practices, you can use social media effectively to generate substantial results for your business. Require help with your social strategy? Connect with the Ambra Digital Group team today! Remember to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more tips and updates.


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